Australian Agriculture “The Greatest Story Never Told”

Landcare celebrates Australian Year of the Farmer

Fighting against global pollution is a hard and long fight. Nevertheless, there are people and organizations that try to provide the best possible methods to minimize the effects of pollution on the environment and to promote and share knowledge that can help the environment. One place where we can celebrate opportunity and change is in the farming industry.

Australian Year of the Farmer is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the contribution of our nations farmers, farming groups and agricultural organizations across the country. They are key managers of our natural resources and providers of the food and fiber that sustains us all. We applaud their actions to sustain our fragile environment through the implementation of the Landcare ethos into their operations by utilizing research, knowledge sharing and improved sustainable practices and technology.Australian Year of the Farmer

Their significant contribution to the Australian landscape not only helps protect our environment and support our communities but ensures that our land is cared for and protected for future generations of Landcare farmers.Designed to celebrate the contribution farmers make to the Australian economy and community, the Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 is an education and awareness campaign founded by a not-for-profit, non-political organization.

Conceived by NSW-based farmer Philip Bruem AM, and former Sydney Markets CEO Geoff Bell, Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 is a year-long program of activities that will celebrate the contribution farmers and rural communities make to our national economy and society.“Australian Year of the Farmer recognizes what farmers do for all Australians. Australia’s farmers should be recognized and celebrated: for feeding the nation, for leading the world in farming techniques and innovation, and for sustaining the vital agribusinesses that underpin our economy. Farmers are the providers of our nation.Australian-landscape

“Every person who eats food is connected to farming. Every person who wears a wool coat is connected to farming. Every person who has timber in their house construction or sits at a wooden table is connected to farming.

“We encourage all Australians to reflect on the origins of the food they consume and the fiber and other products they use every day and to seek out and buy Australian produce wherever possible,” Mr. Bruem said.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry the Hon Joe Ludwig MP said the year-long celebration would highlight how Australia is leading the world in farming techniques and innovation.

“I congratulate the founders of Australian Year of the Farmer for creating this program which I believe will highlight the essential role of Australian agriculture to the maintenance of national and global food security.

“It will showcase the role our farmers play as environmental managers, creating and delivering sustainability through best practice management,” Senator Ludwig said.

Australian Farmer of the Year 2012 is also made possible by Foundation Sponsor, Woolworths. One hundred per cent of the fresh meat and poultry and 97 per cent of the fruit and vegetables sold in Woolworths supermarkets are sourced from Australian producers and growers.